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Adobe Design Achievement Awards

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My film tungu. got selected for the finals of the Adobe Design Achievement Awards! That means I get an education version for the CS6 Production Premium and a flight to the Design Thinkers Conference in Toronto, which will be the venue for the awards. Like everything good, the whole thing has it downside: I have to eliminate my rivals and therefore I have to watch ShowGirls AGAIN!
Furthermore tungu. won the juryprice at the Filmfestival Oberursel. Therefor again a big thanks to the jury.
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vimeo staff picks

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Maybe one or another one noticed it already: I put my short tungu. online. It's a collaboration with Georg Klein, which not only wrote the story, he also played the narrator. The story is from his last book "Die Logik der Süße" (The logic of sweetness). Thorugh persistent annoying of some blogs and with a bit of luck the film was choosen for the Vimeo-Staff-Picks. In addition it got posted on the homepage of Arte Creative. It got postedat the netfilmblog of the german newspaper DIE ZEIT too. To cap it all, the film got shown at the Filmfestival Oberursel.
Headless Logo My next film will be a handrawn animation about a headless man, which represses that he wears a fake head. I created a blog for this project, which you can find here Disregarding that it could be a good promotion, I hope some animation-veterans will get lost there to share some tips or critique with me. At the moment there isn't THAT much stuff to see, cause I still work on the script. Hopefully in the future you can experience new, exciting, thrilling and maybe even some erotic adventures there in the minute cycle.
And of course some fanpost again:
Lora Renah / / Marc, or_.d@er pot$ncy+ills nonpre*criptioni Good evening Marc Rühl, Hannah was her name, 18 years old, extreme long legs, crispy bottom, sexy pout... and hair to her ass. I met here in a pub in Zurich. She was a wild beast, she flirtet cheeky at me and it was clear what she asked for: Sex with me. I knew, this young thing wanted to get it really ha rd ... and I don't wanted to be finished after 2 minutes. Therefore I took a pill on the way to the hotel. The sex was so intensive... and after it Hanna were so complimentary, she licked everything clean and thanked me...! And I have to thank Topillenapo, cause without you the whole thing had been an awkard quickie. But I lasted 40 minutes... Just wicked! Buy today, Marc.
Cooee Lora, Golly this sounds, like you had a really cuddly weekend in Zurich, with this charming Hannah. Though I have no idea how you got a sexual intercourse with this, seemingly cleanly lady, but maybe this has something to do with the pill you took? Not that it was testosterone! In the beginning a penis seems very useful and entertaining, but you will miss the tight strings really fast! Don't destroy your future my dear! I don't know this Topil Lenapo not personally (maybe a girl from Mozambique?), but it's nice to hear we could help you, a loyal fan! I would be glad to hear some of your adventurous journeys in the far away Switzerland in the future. Just drop me some lines. Your friend Marc