opener 2012 In november 2012 there was a Kick-Off-Event for the Biennale of the moving Image in Frankfurt. I did the opener for this.




Thwe BIII Biennale is something like a new motion-picture-event in Frankfurt. At the time I had to do the opener, the people already knew what they want, but not what should happen, so I was a little bit confused, what do show in this opener. Then I got the idea to use this confusion and this empty urge for something new, futuristic for my story.

The idea with a giant crying robot it unfortunately stolen from this wonderful christimas clip, made by Treat Studios.

A question a few hundreth fans asked me in their mails, was always the same: do you want to set some statement against the unnecessary upgrading in technology and the industrial livestock farming? I have to answer this question with an irrevocable YES.

Unfortunately I hadn’t much time to do the opener, after my concept get rubberstamped. So I wasn’t able to do much frame-by-frame animation and needed to use a lot of cheap After-Effects-Trickery ( which would J. J. Abrams make proud to know me), to improve the film.
You can see a little bit of this trickery in this short video.


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