opener 2009

The opener for the filmnight 2009 at the Academy of Art and Design Offenbach. A young woman fights with the deadline.






The idea was to show a film student, which tries to bring her projekt to the screen, before the deadline catches her. A common problem. To connect this wiht the film night, she should capture the night, to bring it to the HfG.
I wanted to make something with pixilation for a long time, cause I like how weird people move in it. Additionaly everything should be shooted at night, what speaks for the pixilation too, cause I could expose a lot longer.
I made some tests previously. Unfortunately the most of them was destroyed by an hard drive crash. Here you can see three I sill got.


For the ride in the beginning I connected my cam with my laptop, put it on a tripod in my boot. We shot the continuing scene a few days later. For the moon I used a semitransparent gardenlight, with a LED torch inside. I used After Effects to track a picture of the moon on it. Except of the deadline and the particles from the screen, which I made in particular, the jumps of the filmer, which I drew and the moon everything is photographed. We met several times in a week to shoot some more shots.


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