imagefilm 2010

An imagefilm for the e-ticket of the Rhine/Main Regional Transport Association. Direction and animation was made by me and Matthias Winckelmann.




After some meetings at the RMV, where we cleared up what they want to tell, we made several concepts and animated a few seconds for each. Here you can see some images and a short clip from a rejected one.


After finishing the concept we made a rough storyboard. Matthias wrote the text and I drew the final storyboard.

We did some changes and organised a greenscreen shooting at the soundstage of Konrastfilm in Mainz.


We combined the keyed footage with 3d-elements, which were modelled and animated by Matthias. My job was to rotoscope this elements, which took a looooot time. I drew some 2D elements and composited everything in After Effects. Weird, it sounds like it didn’t took 2 month.

To get a better audio-quality, we invited Harry in a sound studio to record the whole text. To this Kay Bader composed the music.


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