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opener 2010

The opener for the annual short-film night of the Academy of Art and Design in Offenbach. Unfortunately just a week before the short-film night it became clear who will make the opener, so there was no time for a real script, shooting or editing. The film is marvelous anyways.


It's wicked. Well, something different.
Bernd Zimmermann,


I wrote an inaugural address and used an speech synthesis software to read it. The search was a bit complicated, the most applications were either to good or too bad. We played this audio-files in a loop while shooting, which was almost driving us mad. Thomas tried to speak as lip-sync as possible to the audio-files. Smaller inaccuracies were eliminated by time-stretching the audio-files.


  • direction | postMarc Rühl
  • hostThomas Kneffel
  • set runnerKay Bader
  • makeup artistMarco Russo
  • thank youKatharina Rachor | Felicitas von Lutzau | Rotraut Pape

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