Are you all there?

opener 2011

I did the opener for the filmnight at the Academy of Art and Design Offenbach for the third time. This time together with Thomas Kneffel and Jonatan Schwenk.





Since we all wanted to do a short with glove puppets and something with a lot of stage blood, we fixed a concept really fast: Something with glove puppets and a lot of stage blood.
The rest of the story was done quite fast too, after several hours filled with youtube-glove-puppet-videos.

Puppet building

We decided to make the puppets out of socks and foam, cause our prototype out of foam and socks didn’t quite match our expectations. The kraken puppet was made by Teresa Rinn after our scrawly crayon sketches.

Shoot 01

Since we wanted to do the moderation of the evening with the puppets too, but needed to burn them for the actual shoot, we had to film the whole moderation in front.

We needed to ask at least one question to every film. In most cases this process took hours, sometimes even days to find the perfect question, which propably bothers the audience too. The clips with our questions and reactions were managed in Resolume Avenue, for quicker access.

Shoot 02

Fortunately we got a lot of help, by loitering students at the actual shoot, which held our microphones, operated our cameras and wiped away the stage blood out of our crotches and tears from our cheeks.
We used egg carton and ethyl alcohol for the hair, in the shots in which they burn.
A manual oil-pump was responsible for the stage blood fountain.


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