shortfilm 2006

In the second term we had to realize a project beneath our general courses. These projects were shown in a collective exhibition. I did my first animation short for this.



I read some books by Alice Miller, shortly before making this film. Therefore I wanted to tell a story, which deals with education and the consequences of it.
The visual part should look like a dream, therefore I stylized or abstracted everything.


First I did a rough sketch of the characters, to define the proportions. Then I photographed the heads of the actors, from every direction.
I made additional photographs of the coats and masked out the limbs, to distort them on the basis of the sketches.
I drew the backgrounds and SCANNED them all by myself.
All the images were imported in After Effects, where I animated everything.


  • direction | animationMarc Rühl
  • daughterKatharina Rachor
  • motherChristine Rachor
  • doctorMarc Rühl
  • paramedicKai Rühl
  • dubbingLisa Beller
  • musicGonzales
  • sounddesignFelix Schmilinsky
  • project supervisionHeiner Blum
  • productionHfG Offenbach

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