shortfilm 2009

A young man meets his sister in a thai restaurant. He starts complaining about every-day trivia, but escalates in his anger more and more.







As I wrote the screenplay I was annoyed by so many things, I allready was annoyed by myself. And cause I’m thinking good scripts always deals with themes, you really gone through I started to write a script about anger.

To get an idea I invited my direction assistant and we got drunk in my kitchen. We recorded that. Unfortunately the recordings weren’t as useful as expected.
For the visuals I experimented with pixellated renders from Blender. On one hand cause I wanted to experiment with this lo-fi visuals for a long time and on the other cause the sharp edges fits the theme well.


Fortunately we was able to shoot in the bluescreen studio of the FH Mainz.

After two days of shooting everything was in the can and I could start shoot my surroundings to modelt iin Blender.
I just made low-poly-models, but a lot of them, so it took longer then expected.

For the titel animation I printed the title on clear film and melted it with a heat gun. I did the same to some planes of black latex.


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