shortfilm 2007

A young man gets overwhelmed by assignments and the proper stress.







After the acceptance in the filmsection of my college, all the newcomers going on a trip for a few days, to shoot films together. In my film a young man is in danger to drown in his assignments. To show how stressful the situation is and how many things rush threw his mind, the voices in his head accumulate.
To visualize the solution a bit more intressant, I used a black scribble lump for the stress, which he pulls out of his head.


I had one day and 25 minutes tape at disposal to shoot the film. As proxy for the lump I used a condom, filled with water and some small putty balls. After editing the film, I used a Intuos2 to draw the lump and his branches frame by frame.


  • direction | animationMarc Rühl
  • chris heringRobert Naumann
  • postieJudith Niederkofler
  • cinematographyKay Bader
  • assistant cinematographyPia Zölzer
  • gafferDavid Jahn
  • best boyBoris Dörning
  • sound recordingThomas Kneffel
  • sound mixingBernd Zimmermann
  • project supervisionRotraut Pape
  • productionHfG Offenbach | Éléphant Terrible
  • thank youKatharina Rachor | David Linderman | Dana Mikelson | Nina Werth | Erika Surat Anderson | Birgit Lehmann

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