shortfilm 2008

A partly animated short about dying for the german TV-channel 3sat.







This simple and sweet meditation on Death, has, ironically, put a big smile on a my face in the middle of a humdrum working day. It is filled with delightful things (check out the animated tears, the legs of the live action characters in the first scene, and so on. The acting was pretty decent too, but the best part is the TWIST at the end of the story.
Lilian Darmono,
Marc Rühl, Student an der Hochschule für Gestaltung in Offenbach im Bereich Visuelle Kommunikation, erzählt eine originelle, pointierte Geschichte, die mit den Vorstellungen vom Jenseits auf humorvolle Weise spielt. Real gedrehte Szenen werden mit optischen Tricks verfremdet und mit Zeichentrickpassagen kombiniert.




The german TV-channel 3sat asked the HfG Offenbach and the KHM in Cologne to submit concepts, cause they need some shorts for their theme-day “Death and Dying”. My concept was one of six, which gets chosen. I wanted to show, how a misunderstanding takes some weight from a heavy theme.

After rejecting our first script, in which a little girl strangles herself, to visit her grandma in a world between life and death, we came up with this idea.


I filmed the actors in front of a bluescreen, to composite them later on the watercolour-backgrounds.To achieve a subtile strange visual appearance I distorted the faces and replaced the legs with drawn legs. Therefore I tracked the original legs.
I tried to draw the sequences in heaven as simple as possible, to achieve a look, which should feel like child drawings.


  • direction | animationMarc Rühl
  • storyMarc Rühl | Jan Eichberg
  • daughterSophie Freitag
  • motherKatharina Rachor
  • grandmotherElse Stauth
  • dogGipsy Schiek
  • cinematographyDavid Jahn
  • sound recordingThomas Kneffel
  • musicKay Bader | Uktu Mogultay
  • sound mixingKay Bader | Bernd Zimmermann
  • project supervisionRotraut Pape
  • editoralIngrid Gränz
  • productionÉléphant Terrible | HfG Offenbach
  • clientZDF | 3sat
  • thank youAnnegret Freitag | Jens & Melanie Freitag | Christine Rachor | Claus Withopf

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